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The visit went without any problems - coronavirus safety in evidence and made me feel very secure. The staff were excellent from being met at Reception through to the operation - can't be faulted. Thank you all. (Oct 20)

The Service I had was brilliant. All the staff treated me so well as I was very anxious. They soon made me feel at ease and more comfortable. I couldn't have been treated any better. It was wonderful not to have to travel out, and to have everything local. Tetbury Hospital is a godsend. Thank you. (patient feedback, Oct 20)

Unfortunately, over many years I have for one reason or another had to use Tetbury Hospital, and I must say it has always been a pleasure for me to be there. I think the best time was when the surgeon asked me what music I would like played while he was doing my eye procedure on Monday 7th September 2020, brilliant! The hospital is always spotlessly clean, and the nurses and staff are always friendly and helpful - first class. (Patient Experience, Sept 20)

I was met at the door by a nurse welcomed and taken through, consultant came within a few minutes and put drops in my eye. Then went in to have cataract done. All went well. I was made to feel comfortable and put at ease by the nurse who spoke to me they were very kind. The experience and care was excellent. Thank you Tetbury Hospital. (Patient Experience, Sept 20)

Wonderful experience; thank you!
Visited Tetbury Hospital for minor day surgery for my knee. Fantastic experience from start to finish. Treated wonderfully and all staff were knowledgeable, thoughtful, friendly and patient. Thank you Team Tetbury (NHS UK, Sept 20)

Best Hospital Experience
I recently received knee arthroscopy for n the day unit. Right from the off the team were very helpful and professional at all times. The nurse who dealt with me made me feel relaxed from start to finish leaving me in no doubt what was going to happen and answering any questions I did have (before I asked them). She seen to and ensured that I was comfortable at all times. The doctor and anaesthetist explained everything to me that I needed to know and left me with a very clear understanding of what was and had happened. The whole team were fantastic. You could clearly see that all the team were passionate in what they day and are not just there for a job. They were there for the love of what they do. It made my experience here the best experience I have had in any hospital I have attended. A massive thank you to the whole team. (NHS UK, Sept 20)

6 weeks post infusion and my brain is working so well, I’m not tired at all and in general I feel good! I had weird, unexplained symptoms for the last many years and they have all disappeared now! I had pyrexia of unknown origin for many years and even that is resolved now. I’m not short of breath anymore and can walk miles without feeling tired. It’s life changing. I would do it again and again without hesitation if needed and highly recommend it to anyone who needs to up their iron levels. Thanks. (Iron Clinic, Sept 20)

Patient Experience (cataract surgery)
My visits to Tetbury Hospital have been a pleasure for cataract surgery. When you are in your eightys any hospital visit is a worry. The staff at Tetbury Hospital was outstanding the treatment I received and the confidence they gave me was outstanding especially during the worrying risk time of Covid 10. Even during surgery playing my favourite music. I would recommend Tetbury Hospital to anyone without a doubt. (MP, August 2020)

Patient Experience (cataract surgery)
I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency that I was processed. The Reception staff were very friendly and helpful, as were the nurses on duty. I was very nervous on the day of my operation but the medical staff re-assured me which made me feel better. I felt lie a V.I.P and am particularly grateful to Mr Franscombe. Also thank you to all the hospital staff for making me feel welcome. (NB, August 2020)

Patient Experience (cataract surgery)
I was very happy to use Tetbury Hospital as an outpatient. In very difficult and unusual circumstances the care I received was very kind and thoughtful, taking account of the Covid 19 restrictions. (JD, August 2020)

Today I underwent a gynaecological procedure at Tetbury Hospital. The Consultant did his best to put me at ease and went through everything slowly to make sure that I understood what was happening. He included me in choices and gave me the Joint option to decide what was best. The nurses and Matron were professional kind and reassuring. The hospital was spotless. All staff went out of their way to ensure I was safe at all times. I received the very best of treatment and. couldn’t wish for a better service. I would highly recommend others to witness these high standards of care. Thankyou for all of your hard work. You are incredible!
(NHS Choices Review, August 2020)

Patient Experience (cataract surgery)
I visited as an outpatient on 24-7-20 for cataract surgery. This was a postponed appointment for the second eye. The original visit having been deferred due to the virus restrictions. I was therefore familiar with the procedure. The appointment went very smoothly. I was asked to wait in the car park until the time. Because of restricted mobility (a stroke) I and my carer were invited to move our car down to the entrance and park there. I was shown in and immediately met the surgeon - no waiting. After checking on the procedure I was then taken directly to the theatre. As before, the operation went very smoothly and I was then taken in a wheelchair back to the Reception area. The paperwork was swiftly completed and I was given medication with explanation. I was conducted back to the car exactly 30 mins after I went in. With no waiting at all, the experience was far smoother than before. (ADCS, July 2020)

Patient Experience (cataract surgery)
I was very nervous about attending Tetbury Hospital for my cataract operation, but when I arrived everyone was very reassuring. The nurse who greeted me on arrival asked questions and told me what to expect. On going into the surgery the surgeon and nursing assistants were equally reassuring. I came away feeling all the staff were very professional and kept me informed at every stage of the procedure. (EH, July 2020)

I visited minor injuries unit last week with concerns on how an cut was healing, the service was extremely prompt and 2nd to none, Thank you NHS x (Google review, June 2020)

Pleasant experience this morning, ran smoothly and was quick. (Google review, March 2020)

I visited the minor injuries department this morning and was dealt with in a precise and most professional manner. Staff were brilliant and got to the root of my problem with confidence and ease. Credit to the staff. 👍
(Google review, February 2020)

I went to the hospital this morning to have my damaged arm looked at. The nurse stitched and dressed it for me and I was on my way again in about 20 minutes! Thanks again ladies. (Google review, January 2020)

No stress hospital. Friendly. (Google review, Jan 2020)

Very well run, thanks for your compassion and professionalism. (Google review, Jan 2020)

What was good about your visit?
"My wife became very ill whilst waiting for a physio appointment. She was taken into minor injuries and treated with exceptional professionalism, kindness and courtesy, resulting in a 999 call for an ambulance after examination and tests."

What would have made your visit better? 
"NOTHING! All staff from reception, the physio dept., Jo, Theresa, Martina in minor injuries, Sarah the Matron, were wonderfully caring & helpful." 

Can you tell us why you gave that response? 
"My comments above plus subsequent calls to my home to enquire as to my wife's health following her visit to Gloucester Royal by emergency services." (Patient Feedback, Jan 2020)

Incredibly efficient  - thank you. (Google review, Jan 2020)

Patient Experience (cataract surgery)
I arrived at Tetbury Hospital just before 1pm and found plenty of free parking on site. I was booked in for Day Surgery - an ophthalmic procedure. My wife joined me as my designated driver for my journey home. I was pleasantly surprised by the reception and treatment received in getting me ready for the minor operation. My medical history was taken by Maxine, one of several nurses, who were there to calm and care for six patients in the afternoon. A very good experience to this point - now the operation! Throughout the operation procedure everyone was very considerate and explained full exactly what was happening. Everything seemed to go well. Afterwards I received a welcome cup of tea and biscuit. I would also like to add that the hospital and toilet facilities were exceptionally clean. 
(Dec 2019)

Thank you for your efficient expertise & putting me at my ease. (Iron clinic patient, Dec 19)

I attended the hospital today with a family member with a medical problem. The treatment was superb and the staff totally helpful. I cannot praise them too much. Friendly, helpful and appropriate management. Well done Tetbury Hospital! (Dec 2019)

Friendly and relaxed place to be. Extremely caring staff (Google review, Dec 2019)

Dr Murdoch was very friendly, professional and put us at ease. He even recommended a lovely place for lunch before returning home. Mum initially felt amazing, then a bit of a drop, it's levelled off now and she's managing much better. If we need to use your service again I won't hesitate to contact you, it was effortless. (Iron clinic patent, Nov 19)

I would like to thank you very much for the way you put me at ease  and made my visit very enjoyable.   
(Iron Clinic patient - Nov 2019) 

Great service and treatment for an injured shoulder, no wait, no rush and  it was all a pleasant environment. Free parking additionally, what a change to the big hospitals I've been to (Google review, Nov 2019)

Great little hospital. Great staff. Great service. Bravo the NHS (Google review, Nov 2019)

I was apprehensive and nervous about the treatment but needn’t have been. Dr Murdoch was extremely professional, communicative and reassuring. The treatment itself was painless and stress-free and I felt well looked after throughout. (Iron clinic patient, Nov 19)

I would like to thank you very much for the way you put me at ease and made my visit very enjoyable (Iron clinic patient, Nov 19)

An excellent, calm and pleasant atmosphere, as a patient you feel very well looked after, the advantage of a small hospital (Google review, Nov 2019)

It's ok. Nice staff (Google review, Nov 2019)

I was very pleased to find an Iron Clinic in Gloucestershire. The process was very simple and efficient from booking the first consultation to the resulting iron infusion. The consultation was very informative and each step of the infusion was explained so I knew what to expect. Within a few days I was waking with a clear head, no longer feeling I still needed more sleep, my concentration has improved and I am not feeling fatigued so quickly while taking part in strenuous exercise classes. Could not be happier with the whole experience.(Iron clinic patient, Nov 19) 

Everything, the staff all outstanding, so helpful cheerful and supportive, reassuring. Thank you amazing experience!😊
(patient feedback, Oct 2019)

Absolute 5 star treatment! So happy I went there for a day surgery-nurses, doctor and  anaesthesiologist took great care of me and my husband while he waited😊 best hospital I have ever been to! (Google review, Oct 2019)

Within 2 weeks of having the iv infusion my general energy levels were drastically improved and I was deadlifting an extra 20kg in the gym. (Iron clinic patient, Oct 19) 

Patients receive a personal & friendly service from all of the staff at this hospital, 😊 (Google review, Oct 2019)

Awesome service, got seen very quickly and nurse was great with my child (Google review, Sept 2019)

I just have to say how wonderful Annie was in minor injuries earlier this week – she really did everything she could and more than she should. I was even able to have my first blood test because of her! (MIU patient, July 2019)

Patient Experience (cataract surgery)
Facing the risks: The modern method for replacing a lens is very safe but even a very low probability of failure implies that it could go wrong and it can be worrying trying to decide whether one should take the risk or not. People react differently to life threatening situations. Some put their fingers in their ears and hum loudly, others go through agonies of imaginary disasters. My opinion is that it is important to pay attention to the consequences of not having the operation. True there was a low probability that something unusual might happen in the operation in which case I might lose the sight of one eye. On the other hand there was a one hundred percent guarantee that quite soon I was going to have to give up driving and that I would be living in an increasingly dull restricted visual world. I had both a cousin and an uncle who lived most of their lives with only one eye. I even knew an RAF pilot who was flying jets with only one eye. It looked like, at the very worst, one good eye versus two deteriorating bad ones. Put this way the operation seemed a good deal so I was very happy to go ahead.

The Operation: I know the signs of a good team, unhurried, thorough, cheerful staff who obviously knew just what they were doing. An atmosphere of relaxed confident alertness. My only worry was whether I was going to be able to keep still. My ancient legs are prone to excruciating cramp, not the sort of thing I would be able to keep quiet about. However everyone was very reassuring and in the end my problem was actually trying to stay awake. The operation bit takes only a quarter of an hour. There was no pain or discomfort; much less fiddle faddle than having a tooth filled.

The Aftermath: My eye hurt a little at first but nothing that a couple of paracetamol couldn't cope with. I had a slight fright the first night when I woke and found I could see nothing out of my new eye. I had some uncomfortable thoughts about something having gone wrong but in the morning it was already clearing and by the evening I could see quite well out of it, and the colours! The comparison between the old and the new was startling. I couldn't wait to see what it was going to be like with two new eyes! A month later I found out. Absolutely amazing!  (AJR Doyle, July 2019)

Excellent local hospital with an impressive range of clinics and services. Much nicer and friendlier than impetsonal big hospitals. The staff actually care! (Google review, May 2019)

I received the most care and attention I could have wished for at Tetbury Hospital. I can now see so much better than before. I was pleased to go to Tetbury Hospital as I was initially told I had to go to Cheltenham, which is a lot more difficult. Thank you again for all the care I received. (Susan Spandler, May 2019)

Herewith my opinion:
Staff - Very friendly, professional and approachable.
Building - The building was immaculate, welcoming and easily one of the best hospitals I have been in apart from RAF Hospitals. Cottage Hospitals out smart any of the larger hospitals which are impersonal and daunting. I was disappointed when Malmesbury Hospital was closed. My friends had their three child