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You can also share your patient experience. This is invaluable to patients when considering Tetbury Hospital for treatment or surgery and also to us, as a hospital, in helping to deliver and enhance our service. Please complete a consent form so that one of our team can contact you to discuss your experience. Patient experience consent forms are available from our outpatient reception or day surgery unit.


I received the most care and attention I could have wished for at Tetbury Hospital. I can now see so much better than before. I was pleased to go to Tetbury Hospital as I was initially told I had to go to Cheltenham, which is a lot more difficult. Thank you again for all the care I received. (Susan Spandler, May 2019)

Herewith my opinion:
Staff - Very friendly, professional and approachable.
Building - The building was immaculate, welcoming and easily one of the best hospitals I have been in apart from RAF Hospitals. Cottage Hospitals out smart any of the larger hospitals which are impersonal and daunting. I was disappointed when Malmesbury Hospital was closed. My friends had their three children there and I saw each child the day after they were born. Also my own son was treated there twice. (Ann Todd, Mar 2019)

Lovely people (Google review, Mar 2019)

Excellent service, excellent nurses (Google review, Mar 2019)

Efficient (Google review, Mar 2019)

A great place to get local NHS (& non-NHS) services (including dentist) in a local rural community. Physio can be self referred,  GP referred services like x-ray can be booked in at a time to suit yourself, which is most convenient.  Standard of service is good, staff are helpful and knowledgeable and car parking is free! (Google review, Mar 2019)

Clearly signposted, smiling staff (Google review, Feb 2019)

I keep meaning to write just to say what an incredible service I've had when taking my elderly mum (90!) to Tetbury A&E!! We ended up there twice recently, and both times the nurses were very kind, efficient and thorough. Both times there were others waiting there - even though it was past 3.30pm - and we all got seen pretty fast. I also had an X-ray there - I called in and was dealt with there and then as she had a gap! Following my hip operation, I used the physio department for a couple of treatments. This was also handled efficiently and on time! How lucky are we to have such an amazing hospital on our doorstep! (SC, Feb 2019)

I had an  appointment for a hearing test. On arriving I did not have long to wait until my appointment. When I was taken in for my test  I explained I had had trouble with my left ear. So on examination it was found that the drops I had been using had not cleared away the wax. The lady was very apologetic and was quite concerned she would be unable to continue the hearing test. I was advised to go to my doctors which I did and had the ear washed out. On getting in touch again with the hearing department I received a new appointment to attend. Everyone has been so helpful and explained everything as to why I had to wait until later. Thank you to them all. (Doris Land, Feb 2019)

Excellent thank you to everyone involved with my eye operation. They made a scary operation very much pleasanter. Why can't all hospitals be this friendly and efficient. (Google review, Jan 2019)

Have just had a tooth extracted under general anaesthetic. The treatment I received has been first class and the nursing staff are absolutely wonderful. (Google review, Jan 2019)

What a truly great Hospital. (Google review, Dec 2018)

Fast and friendly. Definitely coming back. (Google review, Dec 2018)

Very quiet hospital and lovely helpful pleasant staff. (Google review, Dec 2018)

I just had to ring you to tell the wonderful news about my eye operation,  I was treated so well by the nurses and staff,   everyone was so kind and helpful. 3 members of my family came with me and they all agreed they were treated better than me because they had coffee and cakes, (I had mine after the operation)  Ha ha. The operation was very good, no pain and now my view from my right eye is amassing,  I have been booked in on  Dec 3 to have the left eye done and look forward to being able to ring you again with more good news.  Many thanks, a little bird (from NHS) told me I would advise you to pick Tetbury hospital. That was good advice. Thanks to all the staff for being so kind, thoughtful and making me feel so relaxed in a stressful situation,  Wonderful  Hospital. (JG - cataract patient, Nov 2018)

Clean, friendly and welcoming. Excellent care. (Google review, Nov 2018)

Very good hospital. good day practice.(Google review, Nov 2018)

Excellent hospital with very friendly, happy, helpful staff. (Google review, Oct 2018)

Why can't all hospitals be this friendly and efficient. (Google review, Oct 2018)

Thanks to all who helped me with great care and kindness. (Google review, Sept 2018)

Clean, friendly and welcoming. Excellent care. (Google review, Sept 2018)