Referral Information

GP Liaison - The link between our hospital and your practice

Our GP Liaison Manager is available to update you on services and assist you with referring issues. If you require information or a practice visit contact: 07534 865927 or email: GP Liaison Manager

If you are interested in GP education at your practice our consultants are very happy to offer mini lectures to fit around your training days.  Please contact our GP Liaison Manager for further information.

Referring your patients to Tetbury Hospital

NHS Referrals (GPs) 
Find our specialties/consultants by searching for Tetbury Hospital AAH on your e-Referral system. 
We no longer accept paper referrals.

NHS Referrals (Optometrists) 
Select Tetbury Hospital from the drop down box on your online referring system - Optomanager.
We also accept written referrals for ophthalmology:
By post to Tetbury Hospital, Malmesbury Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8XB
By email ( email) to NHS Booking Office

NHS Referrals (Dentists)

Private Patient Referrals 
We offer private patient appointments across most specialties. Please contact our private patients office on 01666 501773
or email: Private Patients Office

Our Visiting Specialists  

We work with a number of NHS and Independent organisations to enable them to deliver care closer to home. We hold most of our clinics at Tetbury Hospital, we do however hold a monthly dermatology clinic at The Vale in Dursley. 

Useful Names and Numbers

Main Hospital
Tel: 01666 502336

GP Liaison Manager
Direct line: 07534 865927
Email: GP Liaison Manager

NHS Booking Office 

Direct Line: 01666 501778
Email: NHS Booking Office

Private Patients Office
Direct Line: 01666 501773
Email: Private Patients Office