Minor Injury & Illness Unit


We are now open from 8.30am-6pm, Monday to Friday. We accept our last walk-in patient at 5.30pm.


Please note we do not treat infants under one year of age.

Our experienced Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Triage Nurses specialise in treating minor injuries and illnesses and can treat patients for:

  • Minor cuts and lacerations, including infected wounds  
  • Animal bites
  • Bruises  
  • Strains and sprains  
  • Simple fractures and dislocations  
  • Minor burns and scalds  Head injuries (if the person has not been unconscious or intoxicated)  
  • Minor eye injuries  
  • Splinters and other foreign bodies in the skin, eye, ear or nose
  • Insect bites and stings 
  • New minor illnesses - earache, sore throat, etc.

We cannot treat patients for:  

  • Mental health or alcohol related issues
  • Pregnancy related problems  
  • Head injuries with loss of consciousness
  • Falls from height
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Long-term illness

If you experience any of the following go immediately to your local Emergency Department or call 999.  

  • Chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Sudden collapse  
  • Suspected spinal injuries  
  • Complex fractures  
  • Dislocations  
  • Penetrating injuries

Unsure if we can help?

Call 111 for advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or call us, during our opening hours, on 01666 502336 and ask for the Minor Injuries and Illness Unit.