Brendan McIlroy ChB. FRCS (Eng)
Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon

NHS Secretary
Tel:01666 501793

Private Patient Secretary
Eleni Bell
Tel: 07535 577022

Brendan has been a consultant general, colorectal and paediatric surgeon for over 23 years.

He completed his surgical training in the North West before taking up his first consultant post in Derby in 1999. Since 2005, Brendan has been working for Wye Valley NHS Trust in Hereford.

Developing an early interest in the surgical management of abdominal wall hernias, Brendan co-authored a surgical paper which was amongst the first in the UK to describe outcomes from what is now the gold standard technique for open inguinal hernia repair. He also co-authored and presented data from the Comparative Audit Service at the Royal College of Surgeons of England following the introduction of laparoscopic hernia repair. He has also written a book chapter on abdominal hernias in a textbook of surgical emergencies.

As an active member of the British Hernia Society, Brendan has kept up to date with modern techniques and emerging technologies in order to improve outcomes for patients with abdominal wall hernias. As a result, he can offer patients a full range of options for day case hernia repair including endoscopic (keyhole) and local anaesthetic techniques.

In addition to treating hernias, Mr McIlroy also provides a “lumps and bumps” service: local anaesthetic removal of lipomas, cysts etc.

Mr McIlroy sees and treats both NHS and private patients at Tetbury hospital.

Private consultation fees

New £195
Follow up £125