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Covid-19 Recovery Appeal

These are challenging times.

Twenty seven years ago our local community fought hard to ensure that Tetbury Hospital's services could continue. The impact of Covid-19 is severely stretching our ability to deliver those services. Our fundraising team, The Friends of Tetbury Hospital, work tirelessly raising money for the hospital, but all of the events have been cancelled this year. Although they had still hoped to go ahead with their annual house to house collection this has now also been cancelled until next year, so we are asking for your financial support.

We supported the NHS fight against Covid-19 by lending lifesaving equipment to a frontline hospital. Our Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) and X-ray services remained open as usual, helping take pressure off the major NHS trauma centres.  

Covid-19 has now pitched us into uncertainty and it is increasingly clear that the protective measures we are taking to keep people safe are significant. It will not be possible to see as many patients during a clinic as before and the cost of PPE is rising.  Additionally, in line with guidance to maintain patient safety and social distancing, we have relocated our MIU to another area of the hospital that has its own entrance. We also need to increase our staffing levels to manage the new clinical processes and to ensure that additional cleaning is undertaken in all areas, and in each consulting room, after every patient.

Funding that was available to us from the NHS before Covid-19 will be insufficient to cover our costs and the funding shortfall is bound to increase. It is vital that we navigate our way through these turbulent times to ensure that we can continue to care for you, your family and future generations.  

Please help us keep our promise to deliver high quality services, for the health and well-being of our community.  

Donate today and make a real difference to your local hospital.

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